Spléndido Petit Hotel & Hostel is housed in a bow shaped construction, declared National Heritage, build in early twentieth century (1901).

Located in the cultural, tourist and historic very heart of Montevideo City. In front of Solís Theatre and two blocks away from the majestic Rio de la Plata and it's beautiful promenade “The Rambla”. Features high-ceiling rooms decorated in style, wooden floors and original furniture. Balconies to Pedestrian Bacacay; sights the City Opera House and the bohemian Bartolomé Mitre street.

Spléndido breathes past and present of Montevideo. Providing a clear example of what our city has to offer, from its warmth, simplicity, good taste, and sophistication.

Placed in “Ciudad Vieja” neighborhood that gathers the cultural, gastronomic and recreational main offer of Montevideo, hosting museums and historic buildings, cultural centers, antique markets, classic bars and shops.

The Spléndido is a place for all who want to live and feel Montevideo and get to know it from a privileged located spot - Advised by a committed staff, fan of their city and its main features, in culture, art or recreation. Helping to discover new itineraries according to the interests of each guest, from an eclectic and open minded atmosphere.